Why I Love Yoga!

Why I Love Yoga!

Its simple…. yoga works for me…I love to move, to stretch, to breathe life in deeply and to relax, to stop everything around me and become still. In my twenties I found myself being a little hyper active and yoga calmed me and relaxed me, it gave me an avenue to explore another side of my character.


It constantly challenges me

There are still plenty of asanas I am striving towards and of course many of my old favourites that give me just what I need and which I could not live without on a daily basis.

Twists for me are divine. Automatically when I wake up I twist through my body to warm up and get moving and at the end of the day I can’t help but lie on the floor and twist to release any tightness that has gathered in my body.

I love that Yoga is so transferable to each and every age. It’s incredible seeing the pure joy and giggles from babies discovering their hands and feet with repetitive yoga moves and then to the other end of the spectrum, awakening a life force within a more elderly person who perhaps has not really been encouraged to move much in their slower and stiller existence. It is as if you are breathing life into them through yoga!


Yoga continues to amaze and excite me

With so many different types and styles and teachers offering different style variations again you can find so much on offer. When on holiday the first thing I do is try out a local yoga class. I always want it to be part of my everyday life especially on holiday when I have the luxury to slow down and reflect and escape from my everyday responsibilities.

As a teacher it excites me when I see the glint in a students eye when they feel a shift in their body, they understand what the pose is all about and they leave the class just floating out of the room with a smile on their face and a hazy dreamy look in their eyes. I’ve achieved something then and that makes me very happy.


It adapts to every aspect of my life

When I am massaging I stand tall, yoga reinforcing my correct body mechanics and the client always feels the difference. Even when I am relaxing with my family and my youngest niece runs to me saying ‘lets do yoga, lets do yoga auntie Suzie’ or my oldest nephew asks for some advice on how to stretch out his hamstrings for rugby and for injury prevention, I am so happy to be able to share my love of yoga with them.

When I am sitting working at my laptop, simple shifts and yoga stretches allow my body to open and release tightness that can build. On a long car journey, coach ride or flight, knowing the key movements encourages blood flow, increases the lymphatics & boosts energy so I arrive at my destination refreshed and ready to go instead of tired and aching. Trying any sport I have the lucky ability to hit the ground running and I can’t help but think it is all down to yoga.

The benefits are endless and the resulting feeling is irresistible. for me yoga is here to stay.