Mum & Baby Yoga

Develop Your Bond Through Mum & Baby Yoga




Motherhood is an incredibly challenging and also deeply rewarding time. Mother & Baby Yoga gives you the time and energy to meet some of your own, often neglected needs in a warm and supportive environment.   Mum & baby yoga sessions provide an opportunity for you to regain core strength and flexibility, as well as time to bond with your baby in an enjoyable activity while allowing you to connect and network with other mums.


Tuesdays at 11am | Abhyasa Yoga Studio

Wednesday at 11am | Abhyasa Yoga Studio


1 hour



6 weeks | £54


What to Bring:

Anything you need for you and your baby including a nappy change and change of clothes, a blanket and cushion. Read more with our FAQs here.



“Suzanne is the baby whisperer, I attended pregnancy yoga twice weekly as I loved it so much and my baby girl recognized Suzanne’s voice immediately!


We went to both the Baby Massage and the Baby Yoga. They are both simply wonderful classes for mum and baby. Darcy loved the yoga with all the interactive movements and it was wonderful to watch how she improved and became more involved with watching the other babies. Yoga is also great for mum and really helped with all the postpartum aches and pains. Its a great opportunity to get a bit of exercise and relaxation.


Baby massage is equally special and Darcy loved it. It is great to learn techniques that you can use at home and they come in really handy when babies are going through tummy problems and with sleep. Suzanne really is an incredible teacher and I can not recommend her highly enough, she puts you and baby completely at ease and really makes the class a social occasion that you look forward to each week. She encourages all the mums to meet up and these friends become invaluable to new mums.”

What’s In A Class?

Each class combines yoga postures for you and your baby. You will be guided through each posture carefully and you can decide how much you’d like to include and interact with your baby.

The class is very informal and lively, and there is absolutely no pressure or expectation for your baby to “behave” in a certain way! Beginners new to yoga are welcome. Babies are welcome to sleep, feed, join in or just admire mummy!


After having a baby gentle stretches will help you to become a more mindful, fitter mum for all the picking up and work you’re doing. This class incorporates your baby as part of the class and shows you how you can incorporate your baby as part of the class.