Baby Class FAQs

Have Questions About Mum & Baby Classes?

Mum & baby classes are a great way to improve you & your child’s health while further developing that bond with your child. Plus they are a fantastic way to connect & gain support from other mums.


If you are thinking about taking a mum & baby session, it’s a good idea to wait until your baby is at least 6 weeks old. This gives your body time to heal naturally and allows time for you to adjust & bond with your baby. If you have had a caesarian then it is best to wait for 8 weeks after the birth. Older babies are welcome to start at any time.

Some Questions About Baby Classes

What should I wear?

As much as you may want to get back into those skinny jeans chose something comfortable and stretchy. You’ll be sitting on a yoga mat and cushion for baby massage and stretching and moving around the mat in mum & baby yoga.

What To Bring?

A small blanket to wrap your baby up in, this gives a sense of familiarity for your baby, warmth for baby massage and a barrier between the mat and cushion. A small toy that your child enjoys which is not too distracting.

Can I Feed & Change My Baby?

Absolutely. Do whatever your baby needs. Sofas are in the same room so you can sit comfortably and feed, change or walk around whilst still observing the class.

When Is The Best Time For Yoga Or Massage?

This can be anytime for you and your baby as long as you are both relaxed. Ideally your baby has fed over an hour before and is feeling rested and ready for some movement. As we don’t always live in an ideal world though be flexible and if your baby has just fed or woken up then make movements slower, smaller and lighter.

Babies love routine so they will become familiar with many moves, anticipating songs and actions.

At home create a nice warm area for your baby to relax in especially for the massage with no direct lights overhead and not too much stimulation around.

What Happens If I Miss A Class?

All massage and yoga movements are built upon repetition so we will repeat many of the same moves the next week allowing you to practise and for you and your baby to become more familiar with them to carry out at home.

What If My Baby Cries?

Don’t worry – it’s only natural. At some stage this will happen and you are the best judge as to what they need. Many yoga movements are great to distract or will help soothe a crying baby and you will be surprised just how well they work! Naturally if it is best to keep the session shorter that is fine, you can always join back in later in the class.

When Should I Not Come To Class?

If you or your child is ill naturally take time out for you both to recover. You are the expert on your baby so listen to your instincts and do what is best for both of you.

Can My Partner Attend?

Yes! It’s not strictly just a mum and baby class. I’ve welcomed a surprising amount of Dad’s along to the class and not to forget Granny’s. It’s wonderful for them to see what we do in class so you can replicate the moves at home. Space permitting they can sit along with you or take your place on the mat if class is busy.

More Questions?

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