Baby Class Guidelines

Important Information About Baby Classes

Mum & baby classes are a great way to improve you & your child’s health while further developing that bond with your child. Plus it’s a fantastic way to connect & gain support from other mums.


If you are thinking about taking a mum & baby session, it’s a good idea to wait until your baby is at least 6 weeks old. This gives your body time to heal naturally and allows time for you to adjust & bond with your baby. If you have had a caesarian then it is best to wait for 8 weeks after the birth. Older babies are welcome to start at any time.


Also remember to bring a blanket and a buggy if your baby needs a nap. Maybe also consider bringing your baby’s favourite toy or book.

Get The Most From Mum & Baby Classes


After making the effort to get out of the house on time make the most of the social atmosphere and chat to other mums. It’s a great chance to make new friends and find out valuable info from other mums. I’m always so happy to see new friendships forming and these very often last a lifetime! Make the most of it!


No previous experience of yoga or massage is required so take it at your own pace. If you’ve had little sleep and don’t feel up to the movements just take it easy, there’s no pressure. If your child is not on form then don’t force it, take some time out and enjoy a lovely cuddle instead. You can relax on the sofa and watch the movements to practise at home.


Water is always available should you need a glass, just help yourself and at the end of class enjoy a little bun. Leave some time after class to go for coffee or have lunch with some of the other mums. It’s a great opportunity as more than likely your baby will sleep well after the class!

General etiquette.

Remove shoes and place inside the door of the studio as we want to keep the floor as clean as possible. Please do not walk on the mats with your shoes as this will not be hygenic for you, your baby or the next person who uses it. Turn mobiles to silent so you’re not disturbed and you can enjoy the class fully.