Online Timetable

STUDIO & Online Class Timetable

Zenbu Massage & Yoga runs 5 Classes a Week Online & Abhyasa:

Pregnancy Yoga,

Mum & Baby Yoga

Baby Massage.

Relaxing Yoga (Zoom only)


These classes are on Tuesdays & Wednesdays during the morning & evening.


How do Online Classes work?

Classes will be offered via Zoom so to join set up a class account and install the software or app to your computer, tablet or mobile device. It is free and easy to use.


Initially I will have a quick chat with everyone to check in and create that opportunity of connection that so many of us need.  As class starts please mute your audio so everyone can hear clearly and click “pin video” on my screen so it is the largest and you can see me clearly.


You are welcome to be as shy or extrovert as you like! Have your own video on or off if you prefer to practice in total privacy.


Depending which class you chose practice is suitable for that level.  Of course it is essential that you listen to and respect your body, breath flow and stop if you feel you need to.


All you need is a yoga mat and a little space around you to move. For Baby classes a cushion blanket and 2 scarves or ribbons are ideal. Ultimately though all you need is your body and your breath.  I look forward seeing you on the mat!


Booking & Terms:

You can book into your class via our booking system.  Simply click the Book Now link below each class.  All prices and booking information can be found here.


For full terms & conditions and frequently asked questions, click here.